Ethan Givan, M.P.H.

Lab Manager

& Lead Micro Analyst

Kegan McClanahan, M.S.
Lead Wet Chem and Field Analyst

Rachel Kaiser

Student Analyst 

Anisha Tuladhar
Student Analyst 


HydroAnalytical Lab was established to provide eminent, innovative, high quality water resource and hydrologic analyses to ensure clean and safe water for public health and support research on water quality and quantity. Not only does the Lab provide analytical services to a vast diversity of customers, including government agencies, public industries, researchers, and private clients, HydroAnalytical offers extensive research capabilities that allow collaboration between faculty and students at WKU and with external partners. Our facility offers progressive, customized services in inorganic/general chemistry, metals, organic chemistry/volatiles, microbiology, and field sampling and analyses for wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, groundwater, and industrial testing. HydroAnalytical also takes pride in offering EPA-certified microbiological testing for drinking water and wastewater. To help serve our customers further, we offer sample collection, sample pickup, and reporting form completion electronically, as well as guaranteed two-week data turnaround. We are proud to serve south-central Kentucky and the surrounding region’s water analysis needs.

2413 Nashville Road, Bowling Green, KY, United States   |  +1.270.745.5287  |  hydroanalytical@wku.edu

WAter Sampling

Dr. Jason Polk


Gray P'Pool
Office Associate

WAter analyses


Open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm CT for calls and inquiries.

Samples Received only from 8:00am to 3:30pm CT.

Please call for after hours service and rates. 

HydroAnalytical Lab